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Pendon Museum

Local History Visit

7 July 2004


In July, the Wargrave Local History Society visited Pendon Museum and Dorchester Abbey. Pendon Museum, which is in the village of Long Wittenham, includes a fascinating and highly detailed miniature recreation of parts of the Vale of White Horse in the 1930s. Each building represented has been painstakingly researched and re-created to 1/76 th of the original. There is also a model of a Great Western Railway branch line - shown as it crosses an old timber viaduct on the edge of Dartmoor - the period trains, for goods and passengers, with detailed interiors - gently passing to and fro. At the Abbey, after a delightful tea in the Abbey Tearooms, we were privileged to have John Metcalfe - project manager for the ongoing restorations - as our guide. The Abbey has undergone a major four year (so far) restoration project, and John was able to explain this, as well as many of the features of historic interest in the Abbey. An item of added interest on the day of our visit was the filming of an episode of a Miss Marple programme for television !

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