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Christmas Party - 2013

Christmas Party

10 December 2013


In December the Wargrave Local History Society held its traditional party. The Society had been fortunate during the year to have been able to add the Diary of George Beck to its archive, who had lived at Crazies Hill. George had been born in the mid 1860s, and the handwritten book sets out his memories of life in the area. Amongst the 'articles' within its pages, was a talk he had given about Christmas Past to the Cockpole Green Women's Institute, in 1935, whilst another section recounted the story of the Crazies Hill Mummers, and both these seasonal items were read during the evening. Apart from how we celebrate Christmas, there have been many other changes in the village over the last century, and so a sequence of photographs illustrating some of those - some 'recent', and others of many years ago, was also shown - for instance during 2013, the replacement of Gleneagles Garage in Victoria Road by Bird Gardens, and the relaunching of The White Hart in the High Street as The Spice Lounge. The members were then treated to refreshments of wine and home made mince pies and blackberry and apple pies provided by Wendy Smith.

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