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Christmas Party - 2012

Christmas Party

11 December 2012


In December the Wargrave Local History Society held its traditional party. Members were delighted with one of Geoff Briggs' audio visual presentations, in which the images seamlessly change from one to another, with appropriate music as a background. A short sequence called Scrabble - when the letters spelt out a message - was followed by a tour of the Milestones Museum, which also had a commentary by two visitors on the various shops, vehicles and other exhibits - many of which were recognised by the audience as having been objects in their homes in the past! A colourful display of Wild Flowers followed, and then a visit to Lincoln Cathedral, with its stunning stained glass windows. Frosted grass and multi-coloured leaves featured in Cliveden Autumn 2012, whilst a visit to The Vyne in sunnier weather featured a range of 'scarecrows' in various costumes to be found the site. The programme ended with a light hearted animated look at Tea - which, unlike coffee, should never be served in a mug! As always, Geoff's superb photography manages to 'tell a story', not only with the 'wide view', but also the 'little details' seen in close up. We were then treated to refreshments of wine and home made mince pies and blackberry and apple pies provided by Wendy Smith.

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