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Wargrave Local History Society

Founded in 1981

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Tuesday December 12th 2023

Christmas Party Event

Lifting the Lid on Wargrave

Diane Evans

Diane will tell us about Wargrave through the eyes of a fourth-generation villager with stories of school and work in the village during the 1950s and 1960s. It's the place she will always call home

Featured articles

November meeting report

Brunel and the Great Western Railway

Lionel Williams

14 November 2023

Lionel Williams charts the years from the railways’ inception to the British Rail era. The talk looks at Brunel’s forward-thinking ideas and the legacy that he left, enabling the GWR to be one of the most progressive railways of its age

October meeting report

Royal Blue coach services

Peter Delaney

10 October 2023

Peter, the society secretary, who is also the archivist for the Thames Valley and Great Western Omnibus Trust, recounted the history of Royal Blue - from horse drawn carriages to the express coach services which ran to the holiday areas of the south and west of England

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