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The Annual General Meeting - 2006

AGM - 2006

14 March 2006


The March meeting of the Wargrave Local History Society began with the AGM, when the past years activities were reviewed, the committee for the coming year elected, and details of the 2006-7 programme given to members. For the rest of the evening, members had brought along a photograph or an object of local interest to talk about. These included many old postcards of village streets and buildings - many of places that no longer exist, or have been greatly altered since - such as Chiltern Towers or the Chalk Pit Cottages, whilst others showed events such as the aftermath of the Church fire or the use of the Woodclyffe Hall and Hostel as a hospital. Other pictures included a painting of a cottage in Ferry Lane, photographs of the ferry man at the George and Dragon, and the gardens at Ouseleys, as well as a number of photographs of families in Wargrave in time past. Members were also able to see an item of pottery, marked with a Wargrave crest and Bon Marche, Wargrave on the base, a model of a counterbalanced wooden stile, made at Easterlings many years ago, the 1865 volume of the Parish Magazine, and the 1947 volume of the Village Produce Association bulletins. As noted above, there are many interesting old photographs and other items that relate to the village. Maybe you also have something of historic interest, or maybe a family member does. If so, the history society would be interested in adding copies to the archive, so that these are preserved for the future. If you prefer, we are happy to copy them, at our expense, and return to you. You might even consider leaving any historic material to the society in a will - sadly, relatives may not recognise the historic significance of old pictures and ephemera, and all too often such treasured memories are thrown away.

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