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Christmas Party - 2021

Christmas Party

8 December 2021


The December meeting of Wargrave Local History Society included a look at ways such presentations might have been given in time past. This began with the History of the Magic Lantern, by way of an audio-visual that had been prepared by a former society member, Geoff Briggs. Magic Lanterns The Magic Lantern was an early form of slide projector, with its origins in the 1600s. It became particularly popular in the Victorian era, when shows could be arranged to use multiple projectors or slides with moving sections to produce an animated entertainment in the days before movie films. Test Slide for Magic Lantern This section began with a period test slide - somewhat similar to the television test card, and to a nostalgic television station identification film. Potter's Wheel Interlude A restful and engaging 1950s television 'Interlude' film followed, before an historic video tape recording was shown. This was the very first use of a video recorder on British television in 1958, with a machine known as Vera - Video Electronic Recording Apparatus - which featured the machine's creator, Peter Axon - who was a Wargrave resident. "VERA" The evening ended with a light hearted audio visual, again produced by the late Geoff Briggs, that reflected on aspects of 'Ageing' - many of which the audience could identify with! The members also enjoyed refreshments in the form of traditional festive fare, provided by member Wendy Smith.

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